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            Prepaid Transaction Cards


            These cards require money to be deposited into an account, which can then be spent for purchases or ATM withdrawals.



            Visa & Mastercard


            - Issued by Green Dot Bank.

            - Issued by NetSpend.

            - Issued by Palm Desert National Bank

            - Issued by NetSpend

            - A prepaid Mastercard designed for parents to give their child's allowance. Over 35 parental controls to limit the child's spending, along with online reports.

            American Express offers and

            - Offers cancer research support designs.

            - Issued by Meta Bank.

            - Available only at their retail stores. Issued by NetSpend.

            - Issued by Deluxe Corporation, which is a major printer of paper checks.

            - Instant virtual Visa card number. Based in the UK, but available globally.

            - Free direct deposit and PayPass features.

            - Reloadable Mastercard

            - Visa gift cards, which can be customized with your own picture.

            - Allows transfers between cards. Can be loaded in several ways, including via PayPal.

            Gift 2 Go Visa

            Gift Card Lab - Choose from a range of designs, or customize them. Issued by Silverton Bank, N.A. and by The Bancorp Bank, N.A.

            - Mastercard or Visa.

            - Prepaid Visa with online access to check the remaining balance. Formerly known as Liberty Gift Card.

            - Prepaid Visa card with features designed to replace a regular bank checking account.

            - Issued by the Kroger supermarket chain.

            - Offers a prepaid Mastercard and also a card that functions like an ATM card for withdrawals or purchases. Issued by The Bancorp Bank.

            - Seems to be only available for purchase at locations.

            - Allows Direct Deposit from employers and also addition of money in person.

            - Allows online person-to-person and mass payments, along with regular funds loading.

            - Along with prepaid cards, their system includes making bill payments in cash at retail locations, and buying prepaid cell phone minutes.

            - Can be loaded in person, or by Direct Deposit of paychecks.

            - A virtual debit card, issued instantly and free of charge. Visa branded. This product is only available to customers outside the USA.

            - Can be loaded via their person-to-person mobile phone app.

            - Issued by MetaBank and NetSpend.

            - Prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards, along with ATM-only prepaid cash cards. Available in several countries.

            - Pay cash in a physical shop to receive a voucher which can be spent at online merchants. Owned by . Available throughout Europe.

            - Allows direct deposit of paychecks, and offers online bill pay.

            - Offers their MoneyWise prepaid Visa.

            - Offers a rewards points program.



            Other Debit Systems



            全民彩票旧版Phone, Gas, & Retail

            - Toll-free access, no-fee calling card. Useable in foreign countries. They also offer PC-to-phone service and 800 number service.

            - Mostly for international calling.

            - Provides prepaid cards for various gas station chains.

            - The original phone card superstore.




            There are some online marketplaces where you can buy, sell, or trade prepaid gift cards ad gift certificates from various merchants:



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